The Work Project

  • Date: 2003
  • Location: installation at The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria

The Work Project was a continuation of the integration of everyday life with my art life, in that I transplanted some of my work environment (orthotics manufacture) to the art gallery. Several important concepts emerged including: the value of repetitive labour, the translation of the human form, the act of destruction as creation, the ability of the part to represent the whole, and the evolution of form over time. For this project the gallery was a work space, and “working” or “creating” the piece was a performance element. In this show the discarded wooden casts of feet that pass through the orthotics lab were transformed into blocks of modulating shape and texture that slowly blanketed the floor. A video represented this process in a 30-minute loop. At the far end of the gallery were photos covering the entire wall, documenting the variety of colours and textures found in my original workspace. This tapestry of plastic, dust, wood and rubber, came into focus only when the newly placed floor was crossed.

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